Materials & Safety

 All materials we use are 100% non-toxic, Organic and Fairmade. This counts for all of our textiles. 

 We only develop 100% pure fabrics that are natural dyed and Fairmade. Besides this our muslins are special 

 soft woven (extra soft and strong for years of use) for us in India in low bulks.

 We waste zero, it is our goal to only produce what we need in every way we can.

 We keep learning about this process and since we are a Slowfashion label we keep on doing 

 that. We are never done. Let us join the Slowfashion movement together..





 Our packaging is 100% bio-degradable. Our bio-plastic is made from corn starch and our paper/boxes are all made   from recycled materials.


 By the Way - never toss a compostable or other bio-plastic in with recycable plastics. Even small amounts of 

 these rasins can foul an entire batch for your local recycler. When in doubt about wich products to buy or how

 to recycle them, contact your local recycling coordinator. 






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