Materials & Safety


 All our materials to make our chains, cords and rattles are tested, certificated to guarantee safety and   handmade according to the latest safety standards.




 Wood. All the woods in our designs are made in Europe. They carry the 'FSC'quality mark. Taking care of the   world we live in is something very high standard for Slaep, when buying Slaep you help us protect the words   forests. Our keyword is sustainability.


 Silicone. Silicone beads can offer the perfect material for teething as they are envornmental-friendly, non-   plastic, BPA-phthalate and PVC free and are bacteria resistant.



Remember that a pacifier holder is NOT a toy and should only be used under the careful eye of an adult. Every now and then you

should test the wood on ruptures, extreme colds is something the natural wood doen’t like (but who does really;))

Do not use this in the crib while sleeping. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 



 All materials we use are 100% non-toxic, Organic and Fairmade. This also counts for all of our textiles. 

 We only develop 100% pure muslin fabrics that are natural dyed and Fairmade. Our Bed & Bad Collection is 

 SLOWFASHION (click to link)



 Our packaging is 100% bio-degradable. Our bio-plastic is made from corn starch and our paper/boxes are all made   from recycled materials.


 BTW - never toss a compostable or other bio-plastic in with recycable plastics. Even small amounts of these   rasins can foul an entire batch for your local recycler. When in doubt about wich products to buy or how to   recycle them, contact your local recycling coordinator. 






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